USA Football

Shepherd Youth Football Coaches and Doug Sickles will be at the equipment barn to collect ALL equipment that was issued for the 2018 season. This will take place immediately following the Awards Banquet. Should you miss the Awards Banquet and Equipment Hand In, PLEASE contact Doug Sickles directly to schedule a time to have your equipment checked in.  Remember turning in equipment keeps the costs down for everyone.  Purchasing equipment is very expensive. Any questions please contact Doug Sickles or a board member at

All items  are to be CLEANED AND DRY when turned in.  Shoulder pads can be sprayed off and a mild soap used on padding.  Thoroughly dry.  Items to be returned: 

FLAG: Jerseys
TACKLE:  1)Helmet/Chin Strap  2)Shoulder Pads  3)Girdle  4)Pant Pads (4)  5)White Practice Pants  6)White Practice Jersey  7)Navy Game Jersey (do not bleach)  8)Gold Game Pants (do not bleach!)  9)Navy Belt  10)Laces that go in both
pants  11) Navy mesh gear bag